igsZ Spring School 2018 〜SAT® Spring Intensive Course〜



■Course Overview :

This course introduces students to effective strategies for tackling the SAT® exam. Equal emphasis will be placed on the Reading, Writing and Language sections of the exam. Key concepts of the Math Section and practice problems will also be included. Students will learn the essential strategies, skills, and reasoning to effectively prepare for the exam.

Reading: Students learn to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence to understand difficult texts.

Writing: Students learn to edit texts to improve topic development, organization, and rhetorical effectiveness.

■Schedule :

3/26(Mon) – 3/30(Fri) 9:00 – 12:00   Strategy and Practice
3/31(Sat) 9:00 – 13:00  Mock Test (mandatory) *only scoring. no review lesson

■Tuition : (tax included; one mock test and scoring included)

※※An additional registration fee of 3000yen will also be required. In case of cancellation, this fee will not be refunded.
※※igsZ students (those who have already paid their annual membership fee) will be exempted。

■Target Students :

High School Students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades

■Maximum Number of Students :

10 students. The class might not be opened unless there are more than three students.

■Minimum English Level :

This course is taught entirely in English. Students should have previous experience in an all-English classroom setting. Scores of TOEFL® iBT 20 or above in each of the Reading and Writing sections are recommended.

■Instructor : Rosaley Gai

講師プロフィール用写真-Rosaley Gai

University of Chicago 卒業(東アジア言語・文明学学士)。イリノイ州出身。学生時代に Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies 等のグローバルリーダー・プログラムで日本への留学経験あり。SAT official score: 2330/2400

“When you reach beyond what you know, slowly but surely you will grow.”

■Access :

【igsZ】Shibuya World East Building 4th floor
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Hours of Operation: (Reception staff in the office)

●Tue-Sat: 12:00〜20:30
●Closed: Monday, Sunday





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