igsZ Winter School 2015 〜New SAT Winter Intensive Program〜




12/21(Mon) – 12/30(Thu) 9:00–12:00
* 12/26 & 27: off

■Course Overview

This course introduces students to the New SAT® exam which will be released in March 2016 in America and May 2016 in Japan. Instruction time will be provided equally in the Reading, Writing, and Mathematics sections. Students will learn the essential strategies, skills, and questions to effectively prepare for the exam.

Reading: Students learn to interpret, synthesize, and use evidence to understand difficult texts.

Writing: Students learn to edit texts to improve topic development, organization, and rhetorical effectiveness.

MathematicsStudents learn to analyze data and solve problems in real-life contexts.

■Daily Schedule

12/21(Mon): Mock Test
12/22(Tue) – 24(Thu): Lecture 9-10: Critical Reading / 10-11: Writing / 11-12: Math
12/25(Fri): Critical Thinking
12/28(Mon): Lecture 9-10: Critical Reading / 10-11: Writing / 11-12: Math
12/29(Tue): Mock Test
12/30(Wed): Course overview

■Tuition (tax included; mock tests included)

7days SAT + 1 day Critical Thinking(Adanced) 68,000
* You can’t omit Critical Thinking. It is mandatory.

■Target Students

High School Students in 9th, 10th and 11th grades

■Minimum English Level

This course is taught entirely in English.
Students should have previous experience in an all-English classroom setting. A score of TOEFL® iBT 65 or above is recommended.

■Results from 2015 SAT Summer School (5 days)

Student A: 1,360 ⇒ 1,650 (+290 points!)
Student B: 1,540 ⇒ 1,840 (+300 points!)
Student C: 1,620 ⇒ 1,970 (+350 points!)
Student D: 950 ⇒ 1,460 (+510 points!)


Kylie Liu
Graduate of Yale University and Stanford University Graduate School of Education. Scored 2300 (720 Reading / 780 Writing / 800 Math) on the official SAT® exam. Has taught SAT® to students in America, China, Hong Kong, and now Japan. Will train students using “insiders’ techniques” on the SAT®.

※SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board.


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